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Friday, 10th October, 7-11pm | The Flea-Pit, 49 Columbia Road, London E2 7RG | £4/£3 concs

Martyn Ware – Illustrious
Daniel Jones
Fat Butcher

Cybersonica Social (formerly known as Çonic Social) relaunches after a summer break and at a new venue – The Flea-Pit <> – a cafe-bar on Columbia Rd right next to the park and a place where art and socialising go hand in hand… “A perfect pit-stop” says Wallpaper Magazine 2006 (London’s Best New Destinations).

Cybersonica Social creates a slice of Cybersonica for a few brief but enjoyable hours once a month in the friendly, vibey surroundings of the The Flea-Pit – and takes a new approach – themes. Each month investigates a different strand of work associated with Cybersonica with line-ups to suit. We kick off with an exploration into 3D sound and visuals – installing the Illustrious 3D-AudioScape surround system to deliver ‘ultra real’ three dimensional audio.

‘In 3 Dimensions’ features a set of 3D music by Martyn Ware of Illustrious – 80s pop icon and co-founder of The Human League and Heaven 17 – with live visuals by Fat Butcher; a screening of the D-Fuse & Illustrious 2007 FPS–A LONDON CONVERSATION – a commission for the opening of the new BFI building; a range of work from squidsoup including Driftnet – a spatialised musical environment navigated by bird-like flight; Daniel Jones‘ AtomSwarm – a three dimensional sonic ecosystem; and screenings of works from The Sancho Plan, Tal Rosner and the D-Fuse ‘VJ Culture’ book DVD.

This will be the fifth in a regular monthly night hosted by Cybersonica – London’s annual celebration of music, sound, art and technology. Future themes include November’s ‘The Sound Of Games’ a tie in with the London Games Fringe and December’s not too unexpected “Xmas Party’.

With live music and audiovisual performances, screenings of short music films and promos, DJ and VJ sets, playful interactive audiovisual artworks and demonstrations of creative work and techniques from established names and emerging talent Cybersonica Social is our ‘hang-out’ for progressive electronic music makers, audiovisualisers, digital artists and fans looking for somewhere to meet like-minded people, share ideas and enjoy fresh, vibrant music and performance.

If you make your own music or audiovisual work with interesting technology, are keen to play your music live (as opposed to just pressing play in Ableton Live) and would like to perform at Cybersonica Social then we’d like to hear from you. Contact us at <social [AT]> with some personal info and links to your music, videos and images and we’ll check it out and get back to you. If you’re interested in helping us to document these events or generally want to get involved then get in touch too.

For biogs, photos, links, video & downloads…

Martyn Ware

Martyn Ware is best-known as a seminal 80s pop icon and co-founder of The Human League and Heaven 17. As record producer and artist, he has contributed to recordings totaling over 60 million sales worldwide. More recently through the Illustrious Company – his creative venture with Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure – and his current Arts Council supported art project, the Future Of Sound, Martyn has developed a reputation as a convergent media ‘Svengali’ – working with and showcasing some of the latest developments in immersive media and emergent technologies.

The Illustrious Company was formed in 2001 to create new forms of spatialised sound composition using their unique three dimensional 3D-AudioScape surround-sound system, in particular for collaborative works with digital and fine artists, museums, exhibitions, live events, dance, theatre, and education. Over sixty unique new projects using 3D sound composition have been created and exhibited or performed worldwide during the last seven years.

Equally as important, lllustrious acts as a ‘hub’ for collaborative projects in the artistic and digital domain and draws upon the talents of many associates in creative and commercial fields. Sister companies operating under the aegis of Illustrious include Future Of Sound (a series of international edutainment events featuring performance and lectures, which evangelise the benefits of convergent practice) and Sonic ID, which is Illustrious’ innovative sound branding partnership with DKPM.


D-Fuse are a collection of London based artists who explore a wide range of creative media. Working in a trans-disciplinary method with cutting edge technology, D-Fuse encourage their audience to reflect on the process of experiencing art in a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory way.

Their explorations of live audiovisual performance, mobile media, web, print, art and architecture, TV and film have been shown internationally at venues and events such as V&A Museum [London], Sonar [Barcelona], Prix Ars Electronic [Linz], Mori Arts Centre [Tokyo], San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Eyebeam [New York], Mu [Eindhoven] and onedotzero, Rotterdam & Seoul film festivals.

D-Fuse have collaborated with groundbreaking musicians [Scanner, Beck] as well as contemporary classical composer Steve Reich [with the London Symphony Orchestra] and Italian ensemble, Alter Ego.

Recent works include the publication of the book: VJ: Audio Visual Art + VJ Culture, which was conceived, edited and designed by D-Fuse, and the development of the Undercurrent project into a major collaborative artwork.


squidsoup is a loose federation of artists, musicians and interactive designers focusing on using interactivity, sound and space in intuitive yet unexpected ways. Their work combines sound, physical and virtual space to produce immersive and affecting experiences and environments. Their backgrounds range from photography and education to illustration and digital media arts. Their work centres on giving participants active control of their digital media experiences to allow for the creation of immersive and emotive headspaces within synthesised environments, where meaningful and creative interaction can occur.

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is an artist, designer and engineer based in south London, whose work revolves around the points of intersection between art and science, treating creative practice as a mode of research. This has recently manifest itself in investigating the roles that self-organising complex systems can play within the field of musical composition and improvisation, particularly those found in the natural world.

Since 2004, he has produced a multitude of cross-platform projects and commissions, including several site-specific audio/video performances, sound design and scores for film and stage, and web-based generative works, plus live and pre-recorded pieces for radio. Wherever possible, source code developed throughout these projects is released into the public domain under free software licenses.

Fat Butcher

As Fat Butcher, Ed Firth has been creating and performing live video mixing shows since 2005, taking ambient digital collage shows around the world, producing digitally-generated theatre backdrops, broadcast motion graphics and music promos. Current developing an animated series with Motion Picture House films and designing title sequences for features alongside projects like FYI. Coming from a background in painting and design, his current visual work reflects an eye for sharp composition, intense combinations of motion and tempo, non-narrative storytelling and colourful, figurative, optical stimulation that set him apart from many in the VJing community who look to psychedelia and the space age for inspiration. As a painter, he drew with an airbrush on huge sheets of paper with loose gestures, and often wished there was some way that the drama and tension of a painting coming together in bold free strokes could be witnessed as a performance. VJing offered him the opportunity to do this real-time composition on a large scale, set to music in excitably populated environments, away from the static, silence and stagnance of galleries and studios.

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