Cybersonica @ Kinetica Art Fair ’10

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Saturday, 6th February, 6-8pm
P3, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS

VIP OPENING PERFORMANCE EVENT: £20 (Limited tickets available)
FULL TICKET: One day Art Fair entrance plus all events and performances: £14/£12 conc
ONE DAY: Art Fair entrance only: £8/£6 conc
WEEKEND PASS: Includes Art Fair entrance for Sat, Sun and all Art Fair events and performances on these days: £20. Please note that Full and Weekend Pass ticket holders must sign-up to events on the day.
For bookings please go to Ticketweb:
Nearest tube: Baker Street
Nearest overground: Marylebone

vc Kristi and Oddscene

For Kinetica Art Fair ’10 and the unique Musion Eyeliner 3D holographic projection system Cybersonica have selected a line up of exceptional audiovisual talent drawn from previous Cybersonica Socials – our irregular live showcase – and AV Lab ’08 – our week-long residential creative & practical workshop.

The Kinetica Art Fair provides collectors, curators, museums and the public with a unique opportunity to view and purchase artworks from leading international galleries, artist’s collectives, curatorial groups and organisations specialising in kinetic, electronic and new media art. Kinetica’s aim through the fair is to popularise artists and organisations working in these genres and to provide a new platform for the commercial enterprise of this field. Alongside the fair there will be special events, screenings, tours, talks, workshops and performances. These events will involve some of the world’s most eminent leaders in the fields of kinetic, electronic and new media art.

An annual celebration of electronic music, sonic art and audiovisual experimentation, Cybersonica is a key destination for anyone interested in the theory and practice of how new technologies are shaping and changing the way musicians, digital artists, audiovisualisers and creative software developers make and present their work. Now in its eighth year, its rolling programme of collaborative events and projects brings together a vibrant community of sonic and audiovisual innovation, nurtures new talent and showcases the freshest and latest work in the field.

Cybersonica have been regular collaborators with Kinetica Museum since the co-curated SoundWaves sonic art exhibition in 2007.

Widely recognised as pioneers of VJ culture, D-Fuse are a group of London based artists founded in the mid 90’s by Michael Faulkner who explore a range of creative media – from art, architecture, photography and film to live AV performances.

Scanone creates intelligent and sharp beat structures reinforced with heavy bass, emotive synth lines and sci-fi fx… a sound that borders a myriad of underground genres. His work has featured on numerous short films, animated sequences, TV adverts, soundtracks, scores and live performance for events.

Voice controller Kristi delivers edgy electronic grooves and live, gutsy vocal FX merged with the evolving and surrealist imagery of Oddscene .

PRICKIMAGE vs MURPHY is a fresh collaboration fusing the the kinetic and potent visuals of moving image artist Barry Gene Murphy with the irreverent, full of fantasy, humor and intrigue visuals of Prickimage .

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Particle online at Vimeo:

D-Fuse are a London-based artist collective, whose practice includes live audio-visual performances, experimental documentary and temporary architectural of installations.

Founded in the mid-90s by Michael Faulkner, D-Fuse emphasise the key relationship between sound + image through immersive performances.  Audio director Matthias Kispert composes evocative soundscapes from field recordings, electromagnetic interferences and different musical cultures.

A collaborative ethos has always been central to their practice, and has lead to innovative projects with groundbreaking musicians and artists, from the electronic to the classical.  Among them are Beck, Scanner, Burnt Friedman and Swayzak, as well as the contemporary classical composer Steve Reich [with The London Symphony Orchestra], and the Italian ensemble Alter Ego.

The group are widely recognised as pioneers of VJ culture, editing the book VJ: Audiovisual Art + VJ Culture in 2006.  D-Fuse work regularly with live music and art institutions around the world.

Their current live show Particle alludes to the fragmented reality of everyday life, deconstructing the urban fabric to reveal a city that exists as much in an immaterial web of connections as it does in actual space.

THE LOST TAPES RADIO – first Tues 8pm –

Intelligent and sharp beat structures reinforced with heavy bass, emotive synth lines and sci-fi fx… This equally talented DJ and Producer has been making tracks for over a decade. In that time he has managed to develop a sound that borders a myriad of underground genres, from bass heavy electro and techno to glitched IDM and dark brooding dubstep, drawing influences from his musical history, hardcore and early techno play a huge part in Scanone’s ideas and production. Scanone has performed alongside some of the biggest names in his field, in various clubs and festivals around the world. He has released tracks on labels such as COMBAT RECORDINGS, DIRTY NEEDLES / DIGITAL DISTORTIONS / BROKEN FADER CARTEL / MIB and BLASE. On COMBAT his ‘SEVENTH BULLET EP’ was unleashed with great support within the electro community, with ‘KICK IT’ pre-empting the electro / grime crossover by a whole year, Other tracks like the electro 2-step monster ‘YES YES’ and the mutant dubstep electro tune ‘DUBWISE’ were supported on the BBC’S Breezeblock. 2007 saw his ‘TOOLKIT EP’ embraced by DJ’s including Surgeon and Rob Hall (Gescom). Now with the launch of his new label ‘Yellow Machines’ we can expect more quality bass driven electronics.

voice controller Kristi & Oddscene live cinema

Aneta Markiewicz is a composer, musician and singer. As voice controller Kristi, Aneta’s music presents the dark undercurrent of Eastern European electro – layering crystalline vocals over machine-tooled rhythms and bottomless bass her live performances electrify with passionate, sensual renditions of songs from the heart. She experimented with sound captured on-location at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhil on Sea for ‘Plinth’ – her Arts Council England supported collaboration with video graffiti artists MOTH in 2008 subsequently revising and re-recording a 20 minute performance for its re-staging at iDesign 09. Born in Poland, where she was an active member of the notorious Shipyard collective in Gdansk, she now lives in East London, regularly playing live and recording songs for a forthcoming album. For the last two years she has been promoting her solo project voice controller Kristi, now in cooperation with Oddscene. In 2008 they participated and performed at the Cybersonica AV Lab 08 and at Kinetica Art Fair 2009 Besides her live gigs, Aneta also teaches music production, DJing and sound recording.

Oddscene creates a visual environment where the unexpected plays with you. Strongly influenced by surrealism, evolution and technology, their imagery travels between past, present and future to create a constantly changing form of audiovisual expression. Oddscene was formed by Sonia Vera and Helga Signes in 2004 – and has since provided live visuals for club nights and live music events such as Lost Vagueness, Glastonbury Festival 2007 and the BlocWeekend 2007 and 2008. In May 2008 they performed their 30 minute, dialogue free, audiovisual short film “Seavenseals” at the Roundhouse, Chalk farm London – with music scored by David Skelcey and performed by a live quartet of strings, percussions and keyboards samplers. Oddscene was recently nominated for the MAMA’s Award 2009 at the Musion Academy with the holographic animation project MutLOVE.

For Cybersonica at Kinetica Art Fair voice controller Kristi & Oddscene live cinema create a live performance of realtime sound and vision. vc Kristi performs live – improvising with her voice and own lyrics – singing, looping and adding live FX. Oddscene visually demonstrates the tight relationship between sound and image in non-spoken film using the time-honoured technique of image collage to create a visual narrative – a story in every track. Significant attention is paid to textures and layers by using mixed media, modern technology and FX and the result is a deeply organic live digital hybrid experiment drawing in the viewer as human voice and control of mixed images interweave – on this occasion utilising the unique 3D holographic projections of the Musion Eyeliner system.


PRICKIMAGE’s irreverent work is full of fantasy, humor and intrigue. Working as a full time VJ and video artist at many of London’s underground & major club night’s and art spaces with a residency at FABRIC with WYS, monthly performances at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) with G*Y BINGO and Video Consultant/Contributor for GLASS MAGAZINE blog. Invited to perform at 6 established festivals in 2009 including Glastonbury, Latitude, BLOC Weekend & Big Chill, utilizing quirky video/photography techniques, audio generative video and animation, each unique production telling an oblique story.

Barry Gene Murphy is a moving image artist, who works across the spectrum of visual media. From directing music videos to creating gallery based experimental work to performance visuals, Murphy’s work explores filmmaking techniques and touches on subjects such as landscape, micro/macro worlds, experience, Musique Concréte and psychogeography. His short films have shown in major international film festivals, recent works include the music video Deaf – for band We Fell to Earth and “38” – a short documentary screened at In/Flux 09. Currently Murphy is producing short experimental films.

For Cybersonica at Kinetica Art Fair PRICKIMAGE Vs MURPHY are exploring the idea of live performance and VJing using a novel form of generating 3D imagery using real objects as the source – utilizing open-source technology developed by Kyle McDonald. Harking back to the earliest forms of projected performance, questioning the role of content and form in visual projection and resulting in a creative twist on live generated content.

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