CYBERSONICA @ Space Invaders exhibition launch

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Space Invaders: Art and the Computer Game Environment
Preview: Thursday 17 December 2009, 6.00pm – 8.00pm
FACT, Liverpool W1B 1QF

Firebrand Boy
Jellica/Kittenrock DJ mix
DS Orchestra


Gallery 1 & 2, Media Lounge, Public Spaces and online, FREE entry
Space Invaders is open to the public from 18 December 2009 to 21 February 2010

FACT explores the increasingly blurred boundaries between videogame spaces and real spaces with an exhibition featuring artists including Bill Viola, Blast Theory, Aram Bartholl, Cao Fei, Ludic Society and more, alongside playable, commercial games that push the limits of the medium. Space Invaders is part of a season of gaming at FACT which includes interactive games events, competitions and a game-themed film programme.

Opening Night 8-Bit Performances

Music shaped by computer game culture selected by Cybersonica; Firebrand Boy (Glasgow) and the Kittenrock label use gameboys, Nintendos and other consoles to get you dancing! Plus a special Marching DS Orchestra with kids, siblings and parents led by Ross Dalziel.

Then follow the 8-bit music over to Chameleon for an afterparty:
8.00pm-9.00pm, Soundmatrix – a Liverpool-based musician who makes glitchy, 8-bit beats on a Gameboy running LSDJ
9.00pm-10.00pm, Syphus – a UK-based demoscene and chiptune musician who has been composing and performing for most of his life

Breakfast With The Artists
The Box 18 December
Price: £4.00/£3.00 (Members & concs)

Join us for breakfast with a selection of Space Invaders artists, who will be in discussion with Neil Thompson, Studio Art Director at Bizarre Creations, formerly of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

For biogs, photos, links & downloads…

Syphus LIVE @ Blip Festival 2008 (Brooklyn, NY):
Syphus’ music – Amiga/PC modules and mp3s for free download:

Photo: James Bentley

Syphus started playing piano, violin and Commodore Amiga in 1989, at the age of 6. After growing up with the demoscene, trackers and chipmusic (and growing bored of playing bass in angry teenage metal bands), he finally started to release his tracked music in chipdisks and demos with the likes of CoolPhat, BDSE, Swedish megastars Up Rough and the mysterious Eunoia.

Suddenly, the 21st Century arrives and the kids are down with the chippy bleeps! What to do?!? Saddle up that Amiga and take it to the streets! Syphus plays regular live sets in his hometown of Newcastle – the chip music capital of the UK – and has toured twice with Sabrepulse and the Chiptune Alliance. Recent activities include lecturing on chipmusic-related subjects at Newcastle University, giving public workshops on Amiga tracking, releasing open-source chiptune performance software, performing live at the likes of Blip Festival (NYC), Game City (UK) and Maker Faire (UK) and being a drunken fixture at various European demoparties.

Firebrand Boy
lo-fi electronica from the chip


Firebrand Boy is an electro-pop and chiptune producer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

He is part of the new wave of chiptune musicians who were born after the demoscene.

Despite this, his iconoclastic approach to hardware reappropriation is still very much in the spirit of those early hardware hackers and continues to explore new territories of obselete chips.

The Firebrand Boy live set continues to evolve and change constantly. Whether performing straight from the Nintendo Game Boy, using his custom monome controller or playing guitar and singing you can be sure to be entertained.



SoundMatrix makes music on an old Nintendo GameBoy using LSDJ.

He has an EP released on CalmDownKidder Records which you can download at

Jellica & Kittenrock


Jellica uses Game Boys running a program called LSDJ to make music and has made a few chip/8bit DJ style mixes.

He also help run the free mp3 netlabel, where they try to focus on the more dance music side of chip music.

Kittenrock is a free mp3 netlabel that releases techno, electro and other styles of electronic music made with old computers and video games systems. It aims to release chipmusic with a modern edge that moves away from the 80s and 90s demoscene and VGM styles.

This Mixtape – complied by Jellica – is a selection of tracks that aims to bring some of the best modern chip sounds from the past few years along with a few classics. It features tracks made using the following: TIMEX 48Kb, Game Boy, C64, BBC Micro, Atari ST, Vic-20 and ZX Spectrum.

Click on a link below… it’ll open an inline Flash player and create a download link…

Jellica Mixtape for Dec09 – part1
Jellica Mixtape for Dec09 – part2
Jellica Mixtape for Dec09 – part3
Jellica Mixtape for Dec09 – part4


MISTER BEEP – 1-bit Chase –
Randall – Beats from the Abstract –
Hurrigame Boy – Duracell –
Huoratron – Male Bonding –
tlr – Datapop! –
Steve – Jacking In Space (Rico Zerone Mix) –
Reyn Ouwehand – Last_Ninja_3 –
GRG – Huffa Meg –
Fred Gray – Nodes of Yesod –
Quarta330 – Sunset Dub –
Uoki-Toki – Fuck You –
Paza Rahm – Charly (Trip Into Drum and Bass Paza Chip Remix) –
MENEO – BasicLove-8bitoriginal –
Jammer – HVSC –
Fatal Snipe – Alchogol Eats Monkey –
Martin Galway – Galaforce 2 –
Steve Rowlands – Creatures soundtrack –
Minikomi – skip for love –
Eddie Svärd & Djinn – I Miss You –

DS Orchestra


Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary School in Widnes have collaborated with artist Ross Dalziel on a piece of music using the wonderful PixelH8’s Tech Master Stroke chiptune software for Nintendo DS Lite and DSi. The DS Orchestra will be performing at Space Invaders at FACT but unfortunately will not be a marching band this time. The Orchestra would like to thank PixelH8 and the Chiptune Marching Band for inspiration! Supported by FACT SoundNetwork and Halton’s Small School Arts Cluster

More about Space Invaders

FACT launches a season of computer gaming just in time for Christmas! With interactive games events and competitions, a game-themed film programme, games industry events and an exhibition that spills out into the city, Space Invaders is a programme of activity looking at video game environments and their progression to the real world.

From minimalist Ataris to the mazes of Pac Man to the detailed cities of Grand Theft Auto, the computer game environment has strived for increasing levels of realism. But what happens when game space and real space are mixed? Going beyond well-trodden debates about the morality or political messaging of violent videogames, the exhibition revels in the confusion of real space and game space. From re-enactments of computer games in real life to so-called ‘augmented reality games’ The exhibition features artists Blast Theory, Ludic Society and more, alongside computer game favourites from throughout the ages.

More about Cybersonica @ Space Invaders

Cybersonica, the annual celebration of sound, music art and technology has pursued an active interest in Video Game culture through a series of events as part of the annual London Games Festival Fringe – including the Artful Gaming Forum & Exhibition (2006), GAMES:AV (2007), Cybersonica Social: The Sound Of Games and French Connection Late at the V&A: Cold War Modern (2008).

For the Space Invaders exhibition launch we select a line up of 8-bit music makers whose work has been shaped by Video Game culture – Syphus, Firebrand Boy, SoundMatrix and Jellica of the net label Kittenrock.

There’s an entire generation of established artists and up-and-coming talent who have been inspired by and influenced by video games; a wealth of grass root musicians and music makers “who are dedicated to the appreciation and reinterpretation of video game music” (VGM) – through numerous online communities; a vibrant scene of 8-bit music makers or ‘chip tuners’ who use the same sound chips as the original games consoles; various digital artist groups whose work explores alternative gaming experiences and the boundaries between gaming and art; and short film-makers and animators from around the world that draw from and are inspired by video game culture. Cybersonica aims to explore VG culture in its many manifestations and its relations with other art and media forms by tapping into and presenting highlights from this rich and diverse seam of creative work.

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